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1989/09/01 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

The photos of the incidents that occurred last June in Beijin (China) have been sent by with the latest electronic techniques outside China. Japanese journalists have used fixed electronic imaging cameras manufactured by Canon and Sony. However, the Associated Press has used the normal movie and sent the photos over the phone.

The Chinese citizen before the tanks in Beijin. This photo was taken electronically and reached newspapers around the world in a few minutes.

AP photographers have used a normal 35 mm film, using normal capture cameras. Then the negative of the film is made and it becomes electronic image by placing the negative in a special tool that can be sent by phone. This method requires a dark room to reveal the photo, which can often be an obstacle. It also takes too long to send the image: eight minutes in black and white and 25 in color.

Japanese electronic cameras work differently. A mosaic of light sensors captures the image and turns it into an electric signal. The signal is recorded on a flexible disc. The recording is sent directly by phone (with a modem) because it should not be processed.

The AP method allows better images to be obtained than through electronic cameras. On the contrary, electronic cameras are faster, it only takes 4 minutes to send a color photo.

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