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2001/03/06 Elhuyar Zientzia

Recently Irizar presented his new bus model: Model PB XXI, which differs in appearance and in essence from the previous model called Century.

The manufacture of the new bus starts from the union between chassis and body, since Irizar puts his body to the chassis of different brands. They release the installation to perform the alignment of the chassis and the body by computer. Thus, since the computer has the data of each chassis, a precise alignment is performed according to the brand. On the other hand, to speed up and speed up the execution of the roof, a special installation has been made so that the roof is at the height of the hands of the operators.

The new structure makes the PB model the most secure bus that has been made to date. Although Century easily met all safety measures, in case of overturning and twisting, the PB XXI model is 30% safer. For this, for example, the front of the bus is very wide, has more steel than the previous ones and is more resistant and resistant to frontal shocks. In addition, it has the lowest center of gravity and the distribution of the load in the axes has also meant a greater balance.

In fact, in the previous generations, various bus facilities, such as air conditioning, were placed in the rear; in the model of PB, on the roof of the bus, they have been installed in the module that is seen in the front. Therefore, the end of the new bus, besides being aesthetic and aerodynamic, allows a better distribution of the load of the body.

In addition, all buses of the PB model have been equipped with headlights designed in Irizar. With these headlights it has been possible to multiply the intensity of the light and the driver will have a very clear view of up to 50 meters.

But other aspects not related to security have also been very careful. For example, in terms of passenger comfort, a new air conditioning system, more isolated from motor noise, has been implemented, which also responds better to vibration.

The improvement in profitability is due to the design, since being more aerodynamic reduces the resistance to the air and reduces the accumulated dirt.

Although they currently carry out two new buses, the aim is to reach six buses a day and want the price to be that of the previous model. In this way, it is expected to reach 50% of the Spanish market and extend it to European markets.

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