New IPv6 internet protocol

2001/03/01 Waliño, Josu - Elhuyar Fundazioa Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

The IPv6 protocol will be used in the future to indicate Internet addresses. Steve Deering, who can be considered the father of IPv6, has stated that this latest version can be completed. Now it is only necessary to adapt the Internet.

It is known that any computer or machine on the Internet is indicated as an IP address. The IP addresses we have used so far are based on the fourth version of the IP protocol that began to develop in 1972 and was established in 1982. The addresses allowed for this version are 32-bit and have long been warned that this number of addresses is limited and that the addresses are already ending. So far, with this protocol, 4,300 million IP addresses could be assigned, of which more than 2,500 million were established in the 1980s. Computers that are currently connected to the Internet are assigned a variable IP address, which exceeds this problem, but the forecast of assigning fixed IP addresses to the future forced them to overcome it. All existing and similar mobile phones require a fixed IP whose increase predicted that no free IP addresses would remain between 2005-2010.

IPv6 solves all these problems. This protocol uses 128 bits to indicate addresses, allowing to provide 340 IP address quadrillion. This allows to provide seamlessly sufficient IP addresses so that in the future all devices connecting to the Internet with this protocol have a fixed IP. This has many advantages but also generates problems. From now on, you can track any person who sends a message over the Internet, since their IP address is fixed. However, this system offers more security possibilities.

New Internet

They say that the implementation of this new protocol will bring us a new Internet. Deering has pointed out that the Internet is increasingly of worse quality by the creation of access gateways and intermediate networks. By having in the future a fixed IP address for each computer, the client will connect directly to the Internet network without having to go through intermediate networks, thus ensuring a stable and simple use. In his opinion, Homer Simpson himself will be able to use the Internet easily thanks to this system.

The implementation of the new protocol will be immediate and will not be an easy task. In any case, the users of the house will not be affected by anything, although the applications must be adapted. This adaptation is compared with the adaptation given with the effect 2000 of the ditxoso. Then, too, many applications had to be changed to accept the four figures and now a similar job needs to be done. However, it is indicated that the changes will not begin until 2003 and that, at most, will be completed by 2005. More information: www.> 6forum.com

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