Artificial eyes of insects

2006/05/03 Rementeria Argote, Nagore - Elhuyar Zientziaren Komunikazioa

The image is an artificial eye. Bioengineers from the University of Berkeley have worked with the eye of insects. Therefore, in appearance it resembles the eye of insects and in operation, since it is able to see it in all directions.

Insects, such as the compass and the fly, have eyes composed of many eyes or omatides. Because in the laboratory they have created some eyes formed by thousands of lenses. These lenses have a light channel. They are very similar in size, shape and function to the omatides of insects; the way of ordering the lenses is similar to that of the honeycomb of the bees, forming a semisphere.

The bioengineers at the University of Berkeley explained in the journal Science that the aim has been to produce these eyes in a simple and economical way. Thanks to this, they will have many applications, such as medical and surgical chambers and catheters.

Photo: Science / Luke Lee.