Online atlas of migrations of birds in Europe

2022/06/02 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

[Migratory routes of swallows]. Ed. migrationinstal.org

The European Migratory Birds Atlas has been presented by EURING, the European Bird Tracking Coordinator. The routes and migratory movements of the 300 species of animals that are nesting in Europe can be found on-line on the website migrationkosovo.

This is pioneering work at European level, as there are no initiatives that can be compared with such precise information on migratory routes for birds. The Aranzadi Ring Office is among the offices that have provided the data for this atlas.

In addition to migratory trips and recaptures, the records made for each poultry species are available. Each sheet contains information on the situation, trends and categories of European populations.

The condition of the bird when it was recapped can also be observed. In the words of Juan Arizaga, director of the Aranzadi Ring Office, “it is very striking to see that before 1960 most of the bird catches were from dead birds or hunting. Now the trend is reversed and it is satisfactory to see that most birds look and recover in shelling campaigns.” Arizaga also highlights the value of the work carried out in altruistic stretching campaigns in favor of knowledge and conservation of nature.

In 2024, the Aranzadi Ring Office will be 75 years old and the director is bringing forward a new project for the future: “One of the milestones of the office will be the publication of the Atlas of Basque Migratory Birds.”

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