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Basque Country
  • The 3E2005 Strategy aims to raise renewable energy from 3.7% to 6.3%.
  • The European Union would like renewable energy to reach 12% by 2010.
  • Wind turbines need a wind of 4 meters per second (14.4 kilometers per hour), 16 meters per second (57.6 kilometers per hour) to reach the nominal value, and 25 meters per second (90 kilometers per hour) to work at constant power.
  • Each tower has 40, 45 or 50 meters. Arms, about 20 meters. Each wind turbine can reach between 52 and 58 tons: tower 28, 32 or 36 tons; generator that is placed on the tower 18 tons; and rotor with arms 8.5 tons.
  • The towers have a diameter of 3 meters in plant and are supported by concrete supports of 10 by 10 meters.
  • The current wind turbines are 450-600 kW.
  • The installed power in the world was 6,097 MW at the end of 1996.
  • By 2000 they want to have 220 MW installed in Navarra and 600 MW installed in 2010.
  • Currently, costs of 150,000 pts per kW are paid. It is expected to reach 100,000 pesetas by 2010.
  • The current 500-600 kW wind turbines will soon be 1,000 to 1,500.
  • The prevailing wind in the Basque Country is the North/South. The parks are located in mountains with east-west orientation, at a minimum distance of 800 meters.
  • The saws for the construction of parks must have a minimum length of 2 km. and a distance between the wind turbine and the wind turbine of 100 meters. In width the occupation of the land is 40 meters. The service and maintenance of the wind power plant is also built.
  • In the assembly operations cranes are used to lift 50 tons, while on the tower is placed the wind turbine with its arms, 250 tons.
  • Inside each retaining tower a transformer is placed to raise to medium voltage (20,000 volts) the light force produced by the wind turbine in low voltage (690 volts). From there, the transport between wind turbines is 20,000 volts and this energy is transported by underground cables to one meter, placing log boxes every 30 meters. In the substation the voltage of the light force increases from 20,000 to 220,000 volts and through high-voltage towers it is connected to the general electrical grid.
  • Currently the price per kilowatt hour of home is 15 pesetas. Iberdrola pays 10.5/11 pesetas the kilowatio> you buy. Depending on its location, the cost of a wind farm is 2/3 pesetas per hour.
  • Under high production conditions, the wind turbine arms turn is maintained at a stable speed of 30 turns per minute, indicating a linear speed of 250 km/hour at the tip of the arms.
  • In the choice of places, the average wind speed is at least 6.3 m/s.
  • An installed power of 20 to 25 MW between 35 and 40 wind turbines (600 kW/unit) is intended to be installed in Elgea. An annual production of 60,000,000 kilowatt-hours is expected, 50% of Vitoria-Gasteiz consumption. Construction has a budget of 3,500-4,000 million.

Comparison powers

Garoña Nuclear Power Plant

400,000 kW

Large nuclear power plant

2,000,000 kW

California Wind Farm

2,000,000 kW

Wind farm in Denmark

400,000 kW

Potential in Euskal Herria

If 22 wind farms were built:


324 MW (72.3%) 687,668 MW annually


36.6 MW (8.2%) 81,664 MW annually


87.6 MW (19.5%) 177,731 MW annually


448.2 MW 8-10% consumption

46 wind farms:


1,300 MW 22% of consumption

Wind potential in the Basque Country

Wind power plants built

Erreniega (40 wind turbines in 4.5 kilometers), Aritz/Leitza (32 wind turbines in 3.5 kilometers), and Gerinda: San Martín de Unx (41 wind turbines 4.5 kilometers), Lerga (33 wind turbines 4 kilometers) and Leoz (41 wind turbines 4.5 kilometers).

Earrings before 2000

The 4 plants that make up the Sierra de Izco and that make up the Beruete (29 wind turbines in 3 kilometers), Peña Blanca (23 MW, 36 wind turbines), Hiriberri (18 MW), Aitzkibel (18 MW), Alaitz and Etxague (54 MW, 82 wind turbines) and the Sierra de Izco: Ibargoiti (23 MW, 35 wind turbines), Izko (33 MW, 35 wind turbines), Aibar (24 MW, 35 wind turbines) and Salajones (25 MW, 33 wind turbines).

Other authorized

Andía (32 wind turbines in 4 kilometers), Belate (73 wind turbines in 9 kilometers), La Negra (88 wind turbines in 11 kilometers), Goñi (31 wind turbines in 3.5 kilometers), Undiano (14 wind turbines in 1.5 kilometers), Iruñarri (30 wind turbines in 3.5 kilometers), Codés (59 wind turbines in 7 kilometers), Soripi


Cabezo Moro (39 wind turbines in 5 kilometers), Plana de la Bandera (14 wind turbines in 2 kilometers), Plana de Alfarillo (31 wind turbines in 4 kilometers) and Loma Negra (10 wind turbines in 1.5 kilometers).


Bianditz (41 in 6.1 kilometers), Oiz (24 in 4.2 kilometers), Ganekogorta (15 in 1.8 kilometers), Ordunte (133 in 15.9 kilometers), Irukurutzeta (25 in 4 kilometers), Gazume (14 in 8 kilometers)

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