Diesel engines

1986/08/01 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

Diesel engines have seen considerable progress in recent years. We forget the old noisy engines. Engines that were used almost exclusively in trucks are currently used in any type of car. However, research on the diesel engine has not stopped.

The prestigious British firm "Perkins" has developed a new diesel engine for trucks. The most spectacular feature of this engine called Phaser is its combustion chamber with a revolutionary design. This combustion chamber, along with other innovations, makes the engine consume 8% less fuel and 13% more power. Noise reduction.

These bonuses have been obtained by using very precise technical calculations, both in design and instrumentation and experimentation. For example, in the design of the camera a laser anemometer has been used that has facilitated the exhaustive control of the swirls that make the fuel mixture. The laser anemometer is used in the nuclear industry to make a very precise mixture of gas flows.

In this way the tetralobular design has been reached. On the other hand, it was decisive that the slack between the piston head and the cylinder was 0.43 mm (the normal is 0.17 mm). The engine also works without obstacles. Thanks to this increased tolerance or tolerance, the engine manufacturing will be more economical, with greater robustness and durability.

Also, in these new cameras the fuel mixture is done before. Therefore, in storks and cranks the pressure decreases, which makes the block lighter. This means a noise level lower than normal.

New design cylinder for diesel engines

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