CoolTown: daily life connected to the network

2002/01/29 Galarraga Aiestaran, Ana - Elhuyar Zientzia

The computer company Hewltt-Packard (HP) has presented the CoolTown project, which puts at the service of daily life all the possibilities of the network. According to those responsible for the project, the charm of CoolTown is that people, places and places are connected through the web network.

Last year, in California, the first CoolTown center was built to show how it can facilitate the life of the future. The center is distributed in the areas that represent the housing, the office and the shopping center, allowing the visitor to see the benefits of being all connected. For example, when you're a little asleep at home, the alarm clock will wake you up an hour before normal to see that the road is always closed and you'll have to catch another longer. In addition, you will have breakfast prepared and, in case, will delay the first half hour appointment.

Although it seems like a dream, the technology that would allow it is practically developed. In fact, it uses the code bar, radio receiver, infrared and conventional Bluetooth technologies without cables. Through them it connects all the tools and transmits the information to pocket and wireless phones.

According to those responsible for the HP, thanks to Cool-Town is clear the enormous capacity of the Internet to influence everyday life. In this way, when desired, you can receive the information in the place and the way you want it.

However, the main objective of the project is to pay attention to the technologies being developed by industrialists and services of the future.

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