Five Effective Zones to Choose STEAM Studios

2020/12/17 STEAM-Hezkuntza (Elhuyar Zientzia)

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The factors that influence the choice of STEAM studies are grouped into five areas:

  1. Personal: on a personal level, it is important to overcome the young man's false convictions regarding science and scientists. And encourage your positive self-perception.
  2. Family environment: scientific capital or the science surrounding the young will influence the choice of STEAM studies. Among other things, if they are family members or close people working in the field of home science, the possibilities of choosing STEAM studies will increase because they are real references.
  3. Social scope: it will influence the leisure products of the young person (for example, extracurricular activities) and the scientific vision that is given in the media.
  4. Educational field: the learning methodology and the orientation offered in the centers will influence the choice of STEAM studies of the young person.
  5. Economic context: not all economic contexts will allow the realization of activities related to science and technology. Therefore, the economic context in which the young man and his family live can have a direct influence.

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