International congress on microalloyed steels in Donostia (mS’98)

1998/07/01 Rodriguez Ibabe, Jose Maria Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

From 7 to 9 September will take place in Donostia the congress called mS’98. In it 150 experts will honor Javier Urkola, who died in accident two years ago.

This congress will bring together more than 150 international experts to analyze microalloy steels and thermomechanical treatments. The official title of the congress is: “Microalloying in Steels: New Trends for the 21st Century.”

In addition to the scientific and technological objectives, another of the great challenges of the congress is the organization of a tribute to Javier Urkola. Tolosarra Javier Urkola developed two years ago an important work in the development of steel science and other materials. Among many other projects, Javier intended to organize an international congress on steels. In his opinion, given the importance of the steel industry in the Basque Country and the changes that were taking place in recent years, it was advisable to bring together international experts in this central issue in the Basque Country.

With this intention, his colleagues from the Materials Department of CEIT and the School of Engineers of San Sebastian have organized a congress that, in turn, will serve to pay an international tribute to Javier.

Most of the steels currently used did not exist 10-15 years ago. Sometimes the changes are small, other notable, but they have been renewed almost constantly. In most cases the main change factor has been microalloy. The introduction of chemical compositions in small quantities in certain elements (Nb, Ti, V and B in particular) and the proper application of the forming of the material allow to substantially modify the characteristics of the steel.

The reasons for these changes are being different. In order to reduce fuel consumption in the field of transport, the use of increasing resistance materials is encouraged to reduce the weight of parts and components. For this, through the microalloy, the strength of the steel can be significantly increased. In other applications, once the steel is formed, thermal treatments are applied to obtain its characteristics. Given the high cost of these treatments, using a suitable microalloy, in some cases similar properties can be obtained without treatment.

Finally, microalloy and thermomechanical treatments are becoming basic procedures to address the low cost of steel entering eastern Europe and Asia, improve the characteristics of western steel and make the material more competitive.

During the congress different views of the microalloy will be analyzed. For this purpose, 10 main papers and 55 communications will be presented for three days. In some cases, researchers belong to the university, in others to industrial technicians. In other words, basic research and industrial use will be analyzed together, with the following thematic distribution:

  • hot forming
  • phase transformation
  • mechanical properties
  • modelling
  • Medium and high carbon steels. Forging steels
  • hot ductility and fine foils
  • cold forming and annealing

These issues are of great importance for the sidewalks of the Basque Country. In each of the areas the design and processing of the new steels will be taken into account, many of which we are convinced that in the coming years will be the characteristics of our steels. Currently, the annual production in the Basque Country is 6 million tons, being the center of the largest steel densities of the European Union. To continue with this cemetery, certainly, as so far, innovation and competitiveness will be the basis.

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