En marcha Norteko Ferrokarrilla

2018/09/13 Elhuyar Zientzia

This Saturday starts the new season of Norteko Ferrokarrilla. Every week, under the direction of the communicator of Elhuyar, Guillermo Roa Zubia, will make a stop on the waves of Euskadi Irratia: on Fridays at 22:00 and on Saturdays at 15:00 hours.

To explain what is happening in the world of science and technology, Roa will have the collaboration of its collaborators. For example, Amaia Zurutuza Elorza will be visited by the scientific director of Graphenea to discuss Graphene Week. In fact, over 600 researchers from the graphene sector worldwide have met at the Kursaal throughout the week, which Zurutuza will summarize.

In addition, Norteko Ferrokarrilla will travel to Pompeii and the underworld, two of the main stops of the latest issue of Elhuyar magazine.

More scientific issues by Elhuyar, weekly, in the Basque Country, on Fridays at 22:00 and Saturdays at 15:00. And at any time, on the website of Norteko Ferrokarrilla: norteko.elhuyar.eus.

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