218 shops join the initiative promoted by Elhuyar “11 February showcase”

2023/02/02 STEAM-Hezkuntza (Elhuyar Zientzia)

To celebrate International Women’s and Scientific Girl Day, Elhuyar has once again launched the “Showcase 11 February” initiative. From tomorrow, 3 February, images of women researchers will be displayed in the shop windows of Bilbao, Abanto and Zierbena, Barakaldo, Mungia, Elgoibar, Deba, Beasain and Donostia. The Museum of Science and the Clara Campoamor Civic Center of Barakaldo will host the exhibition of 12 women from the world of science and technology.


International Women's and Scientific Girl Day is celebrated on 11 February. The United Nations General Assembly chose this day in 2016 to promote greater participation and prominence of women and girls in science, as well as to promote the scientific vocations of girls. To celebrate this day, Elhuyar launched the “11 showcase of February” initiative, involving 218 shops in Bilbao, Abanto and Zierbena, Barakaldo, Mungia, Elgoibar, Deba, Beasain and Donostia. Most will do so from 3 to 13 February, but there are other dates: Must, February 10-20, Donostia, 10-17 and Elgoibar from March 1-19.

Each establishment (list of participants) will offer a showcase to a female scientist. Saddle images that collect illustrations and information related to the scientist will be placed in the store and decorate the shop window inspired by your research. Thus, traders will become disseminators of the life and work of scientists and will contribute to make the contribution of women to science visible. This year you will also be able to participate in a GINKANA in the locations of over 12 properties. By downloading the Actionbound app, store by store, looking for signs of 12 women and scanning the local QR, you will have to answer questions about women.

In addition, based on the images presented in the “Showcase 11 February” project, there will be two exhibitions. One Eureka! At the Museum of Science, from tomorrow to 17 February, to pay tribute to the 12 women in the field of science and technology. Parallel to the exhibition, the Women in Science initiative will organize family experiments on 11 and 12 February at the museum. The other exhibition will take place at the Clara Campoamor Civic Center in Barakaldo from 11 to 24 February.

Elhuyar created this initiative within Bizilabe three years ago, that is, as part of the offer of leisure activities for scientific and technological activities aimed at young people, and this year more people joined the initiative. In total, eight municipalities throughout the Basque Country have 218 shops attached.

Through STEAM education, Elhuyar works throughout the year to encourage girls’ participation in science and technology issues, highlighting and visualizing the value of scientists’ work to create referents and bring the model of women scientists to young people through different projects. In this way, they are given the opportunity to know the life, trajectory and model of these women to overcome false beliefs and stereotypes.

In connection with International Women’s Day and the Scientific Girl, Elhuyar has organized other activities. Teknopolis will dedicate the weekend of 11-12 February a special program to ETB 1 and ETB 2, which will discuss, among other topics, the gender biases of artificial intelligence with Elena Lazkano Ortega and Olatz Gallego from the country. On the other hand, the Radio programme Norteko Ferrokarrilla of the Basque Country Irratia will discuss this issue at its meeting on 10 February. Kristina Zuza and Nadia Conlledo will discuss STEAM education from a gender perspective.

On the other hand, on the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Women and the Scientific Girl, Elhuyar joins the 7th edition of Women in Science, collaborating with 23 other entities representative of the science and technology network: Materials Physics Centre (CFM CSIC UPV/EHU), Achúcarro, CIC biomaGUNE, CIC nanoGUNE, University of Deusto, POLYMAT, Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3), Tec Basque Center, Applied Mathematics, BCAM Language International Museo de la Ciencia, Fundación Biopísica Bizkaia (FBB), Ikerlan, Ingenieros - Official College of Industrial Engineers of Gipuzkoa, Parque Tecnológico de Euskadi, Tecnalia, Tecnun-School of Engineering, Faculty of Informatics of UPV/EHU, Koa School of Chemistry. The programme of activities organized by all of them can be found at www.emakumeakzientzionic.eus

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