12. Give voice to proposals from social movements

2023/06/07 Elhuyar Zientzia

Ed. Pernan Goñi

As politicians are not meeting the commitments signed at international level, it is important that society press. There are two effective tools to make society an agent that is, on the one hand, to value the work carried out by social movements and to make their achievements visible and, on the other, to provide resources to have information based on scientific evidence.

In the environmental emergency, social movements have to be seen that move away from the hegemonic imaginaries of capitalism and represent other desirable futures for society.

Ecofeminism, for example, focuses on how the capitalist and patriarchal system relates to nature, seeing the direct relationship between the exploitation of the planet and the historical domination of women and other marginalized groups. It calls for a review of concepts such as economy, production, development and work to make them ecologically sustainable and socially. It proposes to equate the surveillance of the planet with the preservation of life, and can make an interesting contribution to the environmental emergency.

On the other hand, experts predict that youth climate activism may be one of the most important global movements in history. It is therefore important that young people be left to discuss the problems they see. Keep in mind that, if so, young people born by 2010 will suffer the serious consequences of the weather emergency when they are older, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

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