Why wait to print?

1988/06/01 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

The Super Spool program only takes a few seconds to save the file you want to print in the print row.

Files in the world of self-publishing (documents, books, dictionaries, etc.) printing is often the most boring work.

For example, the Macintosh computer is hooked to the printer and as long as it does not end, it is impossible to keep working. If the printer is connected to a network, of course, because in addition to being pending printing its own files, you will have to wait for the files sent from other Macintosh to be printed in order to give continuity to the work.

The solution in these cases can be SuperSpool. This program only takes a few seconds to save the file you want to print in the print row. Once this is done, he takes over the printing process leaving the Macintosh free for other jobs.

As an example, we could say: Printing a 22-page document on a Euskaltel External printer takes 17 minutes. On the contrary, the SuperLehendakari Spool has 40 seconds enough to put this file in line.

On the other hand, it can be used both with the SuperPresident Spool ImageWriter and with any printer that uses the language of 900Writer or Postscript, being widely used. The files generated by this program when entering the files in the print row are very compact if compared to those generated by other similar programs. For this feature, it also makes a useful program for those who only have diskettes. It also allows to visualize at every moment the files that are in the print row, not only that, but also change the order of them, delete some file from the row or give prompt to the files coming from a specific post.

It can be an interesting program for those jobs where the printer is used a lot.

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