Teknopolis, with freshness

2005/01/12 Kortabarria Olabarria, Beñardo - Elhuyar Zientzia

Innovation is fashionable there and here, and innovation is the future. The seventh edition of Teknopolis seems to come on this wave, as on January 16 will reappear with numerous novelties in ETB programming.

The most outstanding innovation by the public can be the new appearance of the program. And the fact is that the card has been changed to the session, the elements for transitions will be new, special emphasis will be placed on graphics... And in presentations. With the cession of the studies of Miramón, the recordings of the program will be made in other places, directly related to the topics or, simply, in those that offer a good image, being one of the main ones the Kutxaespacio of the Science of Miramón. The comfort of the studies and technical means will be lost when making the leap, but they will gain freshness and variety.

More than a change in appearance, in content: brief spaces dedicated to basic science, ephemeris of science, citations, in-depth central issues sporadically, possibility to meet researchers in their places of research and in the personal sphere…

R. Cardboard

As you see, with the intention of improving the program, the work also intensifies. Following the same logic, the work team will be wider than in previous years. In the crew Aitziber Agirre – also as presenter, as last year –, Maider Egues, Eneko Imaz, Joseba Imaz, and Arantxa Txintxurreta, and Beñar Kortabarria, Kortabarria. A curious mix: people with experience in outreach but not on television, with experience in journalism but without experience in outreach, but with incredible curiosity and desire... Everyone's work will be necessary to bring the boat to the safe harbor weekly.

The harvest of the new season will begin on January 16 and will last every Sunday, in Spanish at noon and in Basque at dusk. The seventh edition of the program that Elhuyar manufactures for ETB will conclude with 135 complete programs.

To be able to hold the Teknopolis session, however, it has had to resort to the formula of previous years, that is, television will put the technical means and Elhuyar human resources. Therefore, Teknopolis will continue to have institutional and business support in this seventh edition. Sponsors are: Department of Industry, Tourism and Commerce of the Basque Government, Department of Education of the Basque Government, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Ikerlan Technological Center, Fagor, University of the Basque Country and Eusko Tren. Without them you could not make TV shows.

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