Blue Planet Awards

1997/12/01 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

James E. Dr. Lovelock was awarded the Blue Planet Award this year. Lovelock has been the subject of numerous investigations into the influence of the CFCs and the state of the ozone layer, as well as the postulation of the GAIA Hypothesis, which caused an enormous oppression of opinion, according to which the special ability of the Earth itself to manage and maintain itself is defended.

The Asahi Glass Foundation has unveiled this year's winners of the Blue Planet awards. James E. United Kingdom Lovelock has been the first researcher for the work done for years in the study of the effects of the CFCs and the jury in charge of delivering the awards recalled that the GAIA hypothesis on Earth science is also due to Lovelock. For its part, the second award to stimulate teamwork has been awarded this year to Conservation International in the US. The main task of this group is to promote biodiversity research work, and the Washington-based organization has worked hard on what local human communities can do in ecosystem conservation.

The Asahi Glass Foundation has been working since 1933 on multidimensional research, especially on environmental conservation. In 1992 he created the Blue Planet Awards, with the aim of rewarding the work of researchers and groups concerned about environmental problems around the world.

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