Pirates arrive at the Zernola Olympiad!

2005/06/01 Lasa Iglesias, Aitziber - STEAM Hezkuntza arloko arduraduna Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

Andoain, Amorebieta, Arrasate, Santurtzi, Elgoibar, Oiartzun, Elorrio, Garralda, Azpeitia, Trapagaran, Eibar, Ordizia, Iru ea, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Zumarraga, Donostia, Loiu, Uff! Not a few are the peoples of the participants of a scientific Olympiad, right?

This year 60 classrooms participated in the Zernola Olympiad. This is the third edition in which we have dealt with many topics. During the month of October, participants were placed in scientific outreach work and interesting articles on incineration were written. In November we proposed a tour of the current media, and so, for example, we learned that the word wifi derives from the English word Wireless Fidelity and refers to wireless connections.

In December, on the occasion of the new year, we approached other cultures. In addition to conducting a study on our calendar, we learned to differentiate the sun and moon calendars, and we know that for the Chinese on February 9 begins the new year, 4703, the Jews are in 6765 and the Muslims in 1426. Solving inventions, cultivating the sense of numbers, immersing ourselves in the world of bats and using the knowledge of physics and chemistry, we have prepared a kit to survive on the Moon during the ZN Olympiad.

The students of 1st and 2nd ESO have done very beautiful jobs and many have told us that they have had a good time. There is only one prize, and this year the students of the ikastola Jaso de Iru have obtained 53 points. With 41 points, the second of the DBH 2A classrooms of the Koldo Mitxelena Institute of Vitoria-Gasteiz, and with 40 points the second of the 2T classrooms of ESO of the Arizmendi School (San Viator) of Arrasate.

It should be noted, however, that without the collaboration of the sponsors we could not do the ZN Olympiad. Thanks to the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain and the Provincial Council and Sobrón Abentura, the winning team will make a weekend stay. Finally, test gifts come from: It also publishes the winning monthly test "Mantangorri" of Euskaltel, Berria, Aquarium of San Sebastian, Gaztetxulo, Kutxaespacio de la Ciencia, Kukuxumusu and Karpin Abentura de Carranza. Thank you all!

Last May 20 we celebrated the closing party of the Olympics in the Maritime Museum Ría of Bilbao, and we were with the corrupt pirate Garagarro.

Next year we are already working on the IV. To launch the ZN Olympiad and we hope to have more participants than this year. At least Armix wants that!