Multimedia around macintosh

1990/05/01 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

Multimedia is a word that has been heard many times lately. Multimedia is a software and hardware that allows you to combine different types of information (audio, video, text and graphics) in a single application.




has just launched its Multimedia program for Appel Macintosh. Macromind Directo allows you to make magnificent films and presentations. You can use video, sound and graphics images in 2 or 3 dimensions made by computer or imported by scanner. With this pack you can also make animations in real time.

Macromind Director

, consists of two main parts: Study and assembly workshops. Maximum 24 objects available in a scene. Sound can be entered with a MIDI interface. In addition, it has four additional tracks for sound, palette, transition and cadence. The program includes a Player Hypercard, Quickdrawa tools, programmable color cycle, possibility to create and modify color pallets, among others.

Macromind is a program for communication and education professionals, according to the manufacturer. The price of the pack is 135000 pcs. The required hardware configuration is as follows: 6.02 (or later) and Macintosha (from Plus to IIcx) with 1 Mb (black and white) or 3 Mb (color) memory.

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