The #10Days Critical Thinking initiative is underway

2020/11/16 Elhuyar Zientzia

From 16 to 27 November, Elhuyar will spread the recommendations to develop critical thinking through social networks and the web Zientzia.eus.



Today we live surrounded by information that comes to us through different ways and formats: Internet, media, social networks, interviews with other people, talks, quotes, etc. But, is all the information we receive true? Do we have to believe all the information that comes to us?

The easy access to millions of contents at this time marked by the abuse of information has made the fake information or the news face have become a real problem, since being submerged in this informative tsunami hinders the separation between truth and lie. However, detecting false information is not always an easy task, especially when we are surrounded by so much information.

This consists of critical thinking, knowing how to question the information that comes to us, and putting into practice the tools we have at our fingertips to ensure the veracity of such information. In this way, each one will build his own opinion or point of view, based on evidence, to be active agents of a democratic society.

That is precisely the main goal of #10 Critical Thinking Day: to present recommendations to foster critical thinking and identify the veracity of the information we receive and teach critical thinking.

In the web Zientzia.eus has opened a new section under the title Critical Thinking in which you will find all the contents developed within the framework of the initiative #10Days Critical Thought.

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