#KZJaia2: Collection nº3

2014/06/23 Elhuyar Zientzia


The trip has ended. For eight weeks we have visited stars, asteroids and satellites. In the first 3 weeks we met 16 stars, in the next 3 weeks 11 stars and 11 asteroids, and in this round of the last two weeks another asteroid and 15 satellites. Here is the compilation of everything we have learned in the last two weeks:

- Europe: “Blow the globe without blowing?” Txoni Matxain brought us a homemade experiment with the children, with their videos, on the blog Nola Ikasi Kimika Quantum Izutu Gabe.

- The Moon: “The wonderful moon of Jon Herschel”. Elhuyar magazine brought us a big fraud on the Moon. The prestigious astronomer John Herschel inaugurated in 1835 the presence on the Moon of incredible creatures.

- Deimos: “Lactose tolerance”. Koldo García Etxebarria told us happy about his ability to digest lactosIn the blog anyway, happy that in the coffee can drink milk.

- Fobos: “The real inventor of the phone.” Ane Legarra of 4th ESO of the Colegio San Ignacio de San Sebastián explained to us in the blog Galtzadaberri who really invented the phone. And it wasn't Graham Bell!

- In the morning “All the wrinkles of the terrestrial surface” Amaia Portugal, with the help of the satellites TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X, discovers the wrinkles of the terrestrial surface in the Science Chapel

- Aitne: “Antton Alberdi: ‘It seems essential to me that all scientists offer a space for disclosure.’ The portal UEUkoUnibertsitatea.net brings an interview to the doctoral student and biology disseminator Antton Alberdi. In the interview, Alberdi talks about the thesis being made on the Alpine Belarrihandi and the scientific dissemination.

- Amalte: “Science, why?” Txoni Matxain brings us the opinion piece he wrote in Plazaberri. “One of the goals of science is to develop applications that improve our lives, but this is not the main goal… knowledge makes us freer,” says Matxain.

- Anke: “Growing up with the two languages” Txerra Rodríguez brought us in the blog Garaigoikoa some tips for children and their parents who will grow with both languages. “The child who grows with both languages needs active and conscious parents.”

- Please: “(Genome) size doesn’t matter.” Koldo Garcia Etxebarria taught us on the Edonon blog how the complexity of living things and the size of the genome are not related.

- Arke: “Astronomy in ancient civilizations”. Borja Lizarribar, second-year high school student at the Colegio San Ignacio de San Sebastián, offered us a review of the astronomy of ancient civilizations on the blog Galtzadaberri.

- Autonomy: “Eugene is not so clear.” Amaia Portugal spoke of the computer program Eugene Goostman and the text of Turing.

- Elara: “Kafepintxo&research conversations: Koldo Garcia.” Koldo Garcia Etxebarria celebrated her 4th anniversary of doctoral thesis and her 10th contribution to KZJaia2.

- Erinome: “Txantxiku I, from Oñati to the stratosphere.” Manu Arregi Bizola chronicled a very special space mission on Zientzia.net, accompanied by great videos. On June 14, the Txantxiku I probe was sent to the stratosphere from Oñati.

- Exponent: “Experimental heat test.” Animated by the temperatures of the eve of summer, members of Elhuyar Zientzia experimentally proposed the concept of specific heat in Zientzia.net. Some wanted to wet Danel Solabarrieta, but science does not fail!

- Euante: “Bernardo Atxaga”. Norteko Ferrokarrilla brings us an interview with Bernardo Atxaga. Atxaga explains his relationship with science and from there, his reflections on culture, science, of course, and ourselves.

- Euporia: “Special little guy to end #KZJaia2!” We finished #KZJaia2 with the mojito that Lorea Arakistain prepared with dry ice.

And so far what has given #KZJaia2. For Zientzia.net it has been an honor and a pleasure to host this festival. There is no farewell, there will also come #KZJai3, but after the summer we will know who and when the witness will take. Now it's time to take a well-deserved break, and for that we have this last special mojito. Happy! News


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