The Secret of Kao-Sumendi and physics

2007/06/01 Solabarrieta Arrizabalaga, Danel - Elhuyar Zientziaren Komunikazioa Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

The Elhuyar Foundation has just published two leisure products for young people. One is a next-generation adventure game and another is a book of experiments that can be carried out with elements within everyone's reach.
The secret of Kao-Sumendi and fun physics
01/06/2007 | Solabarrieta Arrizabalaga, Danel | Elhuyar Edizioak

Video game KAO-Sumendiko sekretua

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Given the success of video games among youth, the Elhuyar Foundation wants to expand the offer of video games in Basque so that young people can play in their free time with products in Basque and quality. In the game of the secret of the volcano, the protagonist Kao will live numerous adventures and, to advance, will have the help of his pelicans friends.

The main and most attractive feature of the game is its variety of game modes. The player will have different missions in relation to the objectives to be achieved and the skills necessary for it. For example, you should avoid dragging roots, battle with planes, form puzzles, do races represented in virtual reality simulators, fight enemies with artificial intelligence...

In addition, the player can move freely from one level to another and repeat the missions that best come out with ease as many times as he wishes.

Fun physics, exciting inventions

The second option for this summer is not any book. The Elhuyar Foundation has prepared the translation of the book "Física mais que divertido" by the Brazilian Eduardo de Campos Valadares. It is a collection of individual and group experiments. The goal is to bring physics events closer to children in appropriate language to convey science. Thus, from accessible and cheap materials, we can access the knowledge of physics and science in general. The paper saw, the water rockets, the wheel that goes up to Aldatz and the balloons are some of the experiments that are carried out without exploding. The book explains the experiments in a very understandable way, including the necessary components for their realization and the security measures to adopt, without undermining the rigor of the contents.

The essays of the book Physics jostagarri are divided into five major parts: Funny mechanics; Playing with light: Optics; The world of atoms and our world: Cold, heat and giant bubbles; Playing with sounds: Acoustics and Electrifying Experiments: Electricity and magnetism. There are a number of connections that connect experiments and prototypes, in tune with an innovative vision of the sciences, with the aim of overcoming the artificial tendency to divide physics in the usual fields and eliminate limits within the sciences.

Solabarrieta Arrizabalaga, Danel
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