Tunnel channel problems

1986/02/01 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

New tunnel or bridge project that will supposedly unite Britain with France. This project has created many expectations and prejudices.

"Elhuyar. Mick Hammer informed us about the different tunnel or bridge projects that will link Britain and France in the zero issue of the magazine "Science and Technology". This project has generated numerous expectations and pre-shows both in the two countries involved and in the rest of Europe. In Britain it does not seem that everyone agrees, the announcement attached is a good example of this. Published in the pages of the prestigious scientific journal "New Scientist" on October 24. This is the first appearance of the campaign under the slogan "The black hole that will put in red numbers in Britain", which has appeared more often.

We know what he says.

"Have tunnel builders really looked at all the problems?

The idea of the canal tunnel is not new. Several eccentric intentions have been proposed for a hundred years.

However, the idea is not improved over the years.

The idea of the fixed bond in France and Britain is based on a series of uncertain and unreliable statements.

How will builders ensure that the canal tunnel is safe? Maintenance and repairs necessary without generating delays or closures?

How much will it cost to build? Published data ? 4, 7 -> 9, cost 50 billion. Project completion time is not accurate either. Estimated deadlines range from 6 to 20 years.

Fluidity of LRAGARs, traffic crossing channel 2. The pre-show that will double for type 000, affects even more. In fact, the level of traffic across the channel has dropped.

Fluctuations in exchange, interest and inflation rates are other problematic factors. There is also the problem of consolidating a competitive toll that generates business and financial interests.

Not dealing with these problems will not exclude them. If any of them were to hatch, the fixed union project would be seriously endangered.

Then to the investor something more than an egg would be on the face!

The eternal distrust of the British towards the continents is known. Therefore, those who oppose the union project will have something like that in mind. Economic problems seem the most important. What is behind the campaign? Ferry companies will not be far away.

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