The strength of small measures for sustainability

2024/01/10 STEAM-Hezkuntza (Elhuyar Zientzia)

Ed. Pernan Goñi

In order for the entire world population to have life and level of consumption in the Basque Country, 3 Earth planets should be exploited. Because we only have one planet, our life is unsustainable. Over-exploitation of resources and excessive emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

You can calculate your ecological footprint. That is, the surface of the planet you use to get the resources you consume and collect the waste you generate. Here is an ecological footprint calculator:


If the climate footprint is too large, measures can be taken to reduce it. Here are some examples. Reflect on other measures you can take in your daily life:

  • Shop less and have products of 0 km and shop in local stores.
  • Buy the food without additional packaging and not waste it.
  • When you go shopping, think if you really need it. Observe the origin of the garments, buy the used ones and reuse those that have become small.
  • Use technology responsibly. Maximize mobile and other device survival. Use rechargeable batteries and batteries.
  • On a daily basis, scroll on foot, by bike or by public transport.
  • If you need to travel by car, share it with someone who goes to the same place.
  • Avoid flying.
  • Do not buy single-use or non-recyclable products.
  • In restaurants, ask for water in the jar.
  • Eat more vegetables, legumes and less meat.
  • In the kitchen, tape the pan to save heat and use the residual heat from the vitro.
  • Eat healthy and play sports.
  • After practicing sports, wash sportswear only after filling the washing machine.
  • For cleaning use only non-toxic products.
  • Use solid shampoo.
  • Use organic cosmetics.
  • Use LED lighting and turn off the light when you do not need it or use sensors.
  • Control the temperature of the house and, in case of cold, put more clothes first. Reducing heating by 7% reduces energy consumption.
  • Save water.
  • Saving paper.
  • The one that doesn't generate the best residue. Separate the garbage generated. Enhance recycling and reuse.
  • Participate in plantations of indigenous trees.
  • Participate in the well-being of the neighborhood or village.
  • Participate in campaigns to clean beaches and forests.
  • Do not throw trash to the ground, to the sea comes much of the trash that reaches the sewer of the streets.
  • Don't self-medicate and bring the drugs to your recycling site.

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This project, promoted by Elhuyar, is supported by the Department of Economic Promotion and Strategic Projects of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa.

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