Meetings of inspiration: Izan, researcher and inventor in Bizilabe

2021/04/22 STEAM-Hezkuntza (Elhuyar Zientzia)

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Entity: Bizilabe.

Duration of meetings: 1.5 hour sessions.

Location: Bizilabe

Description: Based on the Bizilabe-Elhuyar methodology, at the Bizilabe research of age at the Bizilabe research centre are working on cutting-edge issues with real challenges, developing science and technology projects. In this way it offers the possibility to meet professionals and visit companies and research centers.


  • The project is based on the ‘Bizilabe-Elhuyar’ methodology, taking into account the gender perspective and inclusion.
  • Young people interact with professional researchers, especially women. Project development advice breaks with the prejudices that professional STEM can have, especially among girls.
  • Young people have the opportunity to meet companies and research centers. In this way, they know firsthand the different STEM professions and see how what they have worked in Bizilabe develops in the professional world.
  • It seeks the involvement of the scientific and technological fabric of the region, building the STEM community.

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