Inspirational meetings: Business chains

2021/04/14 STEAM-Hezkuntza (Elhuyar Zientzia)

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Entity: Bizilabe.

Duration of meetings: two-hour visits.

Location: environmental companies.

Description: In the last session of a professional-led STEAM workshop, young people will visit a real company related to what they received. Young people, in addition to meeting employees of a nearby company or association, know the projects in which these professionals work. In addition, they can share what was done in the workshop with the professionals of the company.


  • Be an “adventure” for young people as they go out of school.
  • That young people feel “privileged”.
  • Possibility to know real companies of very close environment (km 0).
  • Generate the effect “another world”.
  • Expand the possibility of working on the contents worked.
  • Enabling diverse experiences.
  • That young people have the opportunity to work in heterogeneous groups.

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