The view of the young

2023/12/27 STEAM-Hezkuntza (Elhuyar Zientzia)

Ed. Pernan Goñi

Since politicians are not meeting the commitments signed at the international level, it is important to activate and pressure the entire community for change. Society as a whole must be the engine of change, otherwise there will be no change.

Experts predict that youth climate activism may be one of the largest global movements in history. It is therefore important to make young people problematic so that they can highlight the problems they see. Do not undermine the potential of young people!

Listen to what young people have to say and see it as a potential active agent in the near future. Do not ridicule your thoughts. They can help create new questions and solutions that have not occurred to us adults. Young, the word is yours!

This is going to ask us for a special effort from adults: to be quiet and give them the word of truth. We adults have often ridiculed the opinions of young people, we have established our own and made them believe that they do not know enough. Young people who have been immature for so many years will take the floor.

Similarly, the fact that girls take the floor will sometimes require boys' silence. Many people are used to being in the second row, as if the kids were everyone's spokesmen. Listening to the voices of all will mean explicitly silencing those who are used to taking the floor continuously. Remember that the more jaleo does not have to contribute the most interesting.

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