Eskoritza-Biarritze: two applications of new technologies

1986/08/01 Aizpurua Sarasola, Joxerra | Barandiaran, Xabier Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

It is known that Euskal Herria is not the territory in which the most advanced technologies are developed, but the tests that we will expose in these pages are of first order. Both the requirements and objectives of these trials vary greatly from trial to trial and you will easily discover this, reader. New technologies unemployment, etc. Phrases that bring or that technology is a neutral element in themselves have been heard in many debates. Precisely because we will analyze different uses of similar technologies, in this article you can participate in the discussions mentioned above with new ideas and data. The selected essays are located in the field of video communication. One is the teledistribution system implemented in Eskoriatza (Gipuzkoa) and the other is the pilot fiber optic telecommunications network implemented by the French government in Biarritz. In May, when we spoke on the phone with Réné Harlouchet, we didn't know exactly what they were doing in Biarritz. From the beginning, Réné, a prestigious computer scientist from the North Basque Country, clearly told us that the results of Biarritz's essay would be seen in detail, while the knowledge of the technology used in the essay would be more difficult, since it is a business. However, we attach the information we have obtained asking here and there.

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