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2000/02/01 Kortabarria Olabarria, Beñardo - Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

strong>Finished the VI edition of the CAF-Elhuyar awards. as the edition is finished and the other, which will be the VII, will be launched shortly.

As for the present edition of the prizes, as is done in these cases, the first thing to do is to recover the participation, that is, the cold figures. In the article section, 14 papers have been presented, as in last year, and 7 in the book development projects. Therefore, we must make a good assessment in this regard. The jury noted that there is a “quarry”.

The question is what kind of work this “quarry” presents and there are differences from previous editions. In fact, the papers presented this year to the section of articles have not reached the level of the works of previous years. If necessary, because the barrier is too high. In any case, this should not frighten anyone because there is “quarry” and you have to work it. And the jury also understood the issue and so was their decision to measure: “… after debating and with the aim of maintaining the prize level, we have decided to leave the first prize in the article section behind.” Say and do, without first prizes in articles.

In the section on book development projects, the pants were for the members of the jury, since the works presented were very good image. They recognized that it was difficult for them to decide, but at the same time they decided unanimously. Really significant.

No news in the rest of the awards ceremony, with a tragedy and with some pintxo at ease talking to people who do not look as often as you want throughout the year. It is the VII, the VII is here. So, to all the disseminators, I encourage and forward!


section of circles



Beyond computers
Fernando Morillo Grande

In recent years, in addition to various professions related to personal computers, various hobbies have emerged. Among the latter are the hackers and crackers presented in the article.


Heroin: Mendehonette Epidemic Gorka
Larrinaga and Joseba Pineda-Ortiz

They present in an attractive and legible way the historical vision of the subject, its technical aspects and its importance for health.


Books section


Panda's father, David

Among the highlights of this year's CAF-Elhuyar Awards is the book section, which has hosted for the first time a scientific outreach grant. There is no doubt that the initiative has been successful, as seven book projects were presented and not of any kind.

Koldo Nuñez, representing the members of the jury, informed the attendees of the restaurant Txzain Beltxa that all the papers presented were of good level, both in scientific content and in writing and level of Basque. However, even recognizing that the level of all jobs was good, the winner was unanimously chosen. The title of the work is The Father of Panda, David, and the author of the work the biologist Kepa Altonaga Sustatxa.

The jury summarized the merits to award this work in three points:

  • Firstly, because it presents the surprising scientific contributions of Father Armand David, an important and unknown Basque biologist. Among other things, because it reveals that the first scientific description of the famous panda bear was made by a Basque.
  • Secondly, because the author has prepared a living text that is read at ease using as a source the original material extracted from Father David's travel book. By balancing science, history and anecdotes well and trying to complete the reading for a wide group of readers.
  • Third, because this book praises Father David to the team of prestigious scientists so necessary for Euskal Herria. So that, in the future, Father David will have the honor he deserves among Basque students and teachers and in society in general.

So far, the jury has presented the book project. Listening to what was heard, there is no doubt that it will succeed at the end of the book, since the subject is attractive on the one hand and written in a very pleasant way on the other.

Kepa Altonaga himself made no mention of the award, but, as he later acknowledged, the CAF-Elhuyar competition has come very well to present the book project, as this year marks 100 years since the death of Father Armand David.

After receiving the award, Kepa Altonaga will have to do the work with enthusiasm, as it has a period of one year and a grant of 700,000 pesetas to shape and present the book.

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