Female references

2021/10/05 STEAM-Hezkuntza (Elhuyar Zientzia)

Ed. Pernan Goñi Olalde

It is very important to provide young people with varied and appropriate STEM references. As a result, more young people will see themselves as future professional STEM. In reality, however, the professional scientist or STEM presents himself as a white man with a clear head, and the young, as they do not feel identified with this image, abandon these studies.

This stereotyped image mainly affects women. Girls who are defined as <<female> (or very female) rarely use STEM studies.

Some keys are:

  • Female referents can help arouse interest in female STEM disciplines.
  • The professors most influence the interest in the female STEM.
  • It is especially recommended to perform extra-school activities STEAM among girls or carry out activities with references such as face-to-face meetings, videos or success stories.

Some Elhuyar websites to meet STEM women:

  • “Ekin” section of Elhuyar magazine: https://aldizkaria a.elhuyar.eus/ekinean/
  • “Stories” section of Elhuyar magazine: https://aldizkaria a.elhuyar.eus/historiioak/
  • STEM women's murals created by Bizilabe on 11 February 2021, International Women's and Girls' Day: https://bizilabe.elhuyar.eus/en/febreros-11-2021/women

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