Electric City Electric City

2020/12/21 Roa Zubia, Guillermo - Elhuyar Zientzia

Today I come with curiosity the name of a city in the North American state of Washington: Electric City.


Grand Coulee Dam reservoir Ed. Wikipedia Wikipedia Wikipedia

But you can't leave the account there. We must explain the name of this city. It is only a city for every 1,000 inhabitants. A people, we would say here. And the reason for the name is far from fantasy. The name is because it is next to a reservoir, the Grand Coulee Dam, on the Columbia River. It should be noted that today it is the largest energy station in the United States and that when the reservoir was built, in the 1930s, caused great problems for both residents of the area and for many species, such as salmon. Electric City was built around 1950. And, of course, in the official website of this current Electric City, in electriccity.us, stand out with great lyrics the commitment of the city with the current nature.

That's Electric City. City with that same name. But although with this name there is only one city, others are called Electric City, both in the United States and in Canada and Scotland.

The city of Anderson, in South Carolina, was one of the first to have electricity, in the southeast of the United States. In the city of Schenectady, in the state of New York, they founded the company General Electric. In Strantón, Pennsylvania, electricity entered very early in 1880, and six years later it had electric trams on the street. In Kaukauna, Wisconsin, a hydroelectric plant was inaugurated in 1885. The city of Great Falls, in Montana, is called this because in the Missouri River five waters jumped in a row in that stretch of 16 kilometers and in five were built two reservoirs to produce electricity. In the United States. In Canada, on the one hand, is the city of New France, in the province of Nova Scotia, where a reservoir was built on the Silver River and before in other nearby cities that started generating electricity. On the other hand, the city of Peterborough, in Ontario, was the first to have electricity on Canada Street. And finally, in Scotland, Europe, the city of Bruro was the first to use electricity in northern Scotland. All these cities are called by the environment of Electric City.

Today electricity is not surprising. But XIX. At the end of the twentieth century and in some cases XX. In the twentieth century this new technology had a great impact. I say new because I mean the time when electricity was released publicly, of course. After the name of Electric City I don't know what I expected, but it was a much more common story than my fantasy. However, the influence of technology in these cases has been very important in everyday life. It has been no more than an example. But very productive.