Clipper summer 87, Spanish version

1989/07/01 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

CLIPPER is one of the best-known compilers of the dBASE language. The latest version, called Summer 87, is in Spanish and is distributed by the American house Nactucket. This product is sold along with other management software.

CLIPPER Summer 87 is both a database development system and dBASE language compiler. The user can create functions defined in CLIPPER, assembly language and C language. In addition, it has a special function to automatically create menus that work through a descending selection system.

You can use three-dimensional tables and memo fields. Compiled programs, with .EXE extension, can be run directly from DOS. These programs can also run on local networks without problems, as there are several users who can use the same files simultaneously.

All predefined functions of dBASEIII Plus (EOF (), CHR (), etc.) also available.

Other complementary programs included in this program are:

Nactucket Tcols

It has 273 functions for program development. They are made in assembly language and require minimal memory. 255 of all these functions can be activated at the same time. Other functions will be used for drive management, disk and floppy control, printer and screen configuration, etc.


It is a powerful tool to document any program made in Clipper. Analysis can be obtained using flowcharts, cross-references of memory variables and documentation of index files.


It is a graphics library composed of more than 60 high-definition graphic functions that can be included directly in Clipper programs.


It is an application generator that allows you to create dBASE II/dBASE III Plus, Fox BASE and Clipper applications.

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