The researcher of the UPV Jokin del Amo, winner of the V Thesis Prize of the web Basque Research

2007/06/20 Lopez Viña, Rakel - Marketin sailaElhuyar Fundazioa

The Elhuyar Foundation through the web Basque Research, V. This year has organized the Thesis Contest and the winners of this year have already been announced. In this edition the three awards have been received by researchers from the University of the Basque Country. The first prize went to researcher Jokin of Master Iribarren, New tumor markers: looking for 7 differences (New tumor markers: Looking for the 7 differences) for the work presented with the title.

Jokin's thesis of the Master focuses on pancreatic cancer. Based on RNA, Amo has developed markers to diagnose this type of cancer. In fact, the synthesis of RNA, and therefore of proteins, which occurs in these tumor cells, is not the same as in normal cells. Thus, it tells how the RNA of tumor and normal cells has identified differences in comparison, recalling the set of seven differences. For this reason, Jokin del Amo has received a laptop thanks to the collaboration of Sistek Informatika and Microsistemas.

Winners of the thesis awards. On the left, Jon Moreno, representative of Rosa Iglesias, Jokin del Amo and Juan José Igarza
G. G. Andonegi

The second prize was for the mathematician Rosa Iglesias Pérez, with the work Welcome to the World of haptics for industrial applications (Welcome to the haptic world for industrial applications). The haptic world is the world of touch, around the technology that uses this sense. For this reason, Rosa Iglesias has received a PDA thanks to the sponsorship of the Eroski Cooperative Society.

Finally, the jury has decided to grant the special mention of this year to the best work presented in Basque. In fact, in this year's competition there have not been many works in Basque, so it has been decided to promote this aspect. And now, please, sign here. In particular, Dr. Juan José Igarza Ugaldea of the School of Engineers of Bilbao (UPV/EHU) has investigated the firms in this work. Many times we use signatures as identification and Dr. Igarza has investigated how the authentication of these signatures can be done. Thanks to this work, Nekatur has received a stay of one weekend for two people in a farmhouse.

This year a total of 33 works have been submitted. The works have been from the University of Navarra, the Public University of Navarre and the University of the Basque Country. The jury has highlighted the ability to choose the winning papers to explain the core of the research in an easy, attractive way and with adequate terminology. According to the jury, "the works have been of good level, so it has not been easy to choose the winners of this year".

All works submitted to the awards are available on the web