5. Does the argument string work from start to finish?

2020/11/12 Elhuyar Zientzia



The argumentation process can be compared to a chain where each argument is a chain level and serves, along with other arguments, to defend an assertion. Each argument (each level of the chain) must be defended based on evidence, so an exhaustive investigation process is essential, since if a link fails, the argument process will not serve.

An argument usually has three elements:

  • Thesis or premise: information or statement to be defended. It would be the first level of the plot chain.

  • Arguments: statements that are used to defend the premise: they must be based on evidence.

  • Conclusion: a statement that summarizes the ideas extracted from the work done, collecting the main ideas and summarizing the research. Reinforces everything previously presented (all levels of the chain).

The entire argumentation process is important and all levels of the argumentation chain must work, not just the majority.


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