290 businesses joined the initiative promoted by Elhuyar “11 February showcase”

2024/02/01 STEAM-Hezkuntza (Elhuyar Zientzia)


International Day of Women and Girls is celebrated on 11 February. The United Nations General Assembly chose this day in 2016 to promote the greater participation and prominence of women and girls in science and to promote the scientific vocations of girls. For this day, Elhuyar launched the “Escaparates 11 February” initiative, involving 290 businesses from Abanto-Zierbena, Barakaldo, Beasain, Bilbao, Deba, Elgoibar, Güeñes, Ibarra, Laudio, Ordizia, Plentzia and Zarautz, between February 1 and 11.

Each establishment (list of participants) will offer a showcase to a female scientist. They will put in the store illustrations and illustrations with information related to the scientist and decorate the shop window by drawing inspiration from their research. Thus, traders will become disseminators of the life and work of women scientists and will contribute to make their contribution to science visible.

For the second consecutive year GINKANA may participate in: Abanto and Ciérvana, Barakaldo, Bilbao, Elgoibar, Güeñes, Llodio and Ordizia.

To do this, you will have to download the Actionbound app on your mobile, shop for the posters of the 12 honoured women and scan your QRs. Scanning the QR code of each women's poster, we'll have to answer a question about this woman. So, from the point of sale until 12 women look for QR codes and answer all questions. In view of the success of Ginkana last year among the population and schools, this year the questions have been adapted to different levels of difficulty depending on the age of the participants.

In addition, from the images to be presented in the project “Escaparates 11 February”, in February the exhibition “Women as scientists and technologists” will take place in Astigarraga, Barakaldo, Bilbao, Plentzia, Zarautz and Eureka Zientzia Museoa de Donostia.

Elhuyar created this initiative within Bizilabe four years ago, as part of the leisure offer for the realization of scientific and technological activities for young people. Through STEAM education, Elhuyar works throughout the year by encouraging girls’ participation in scientific and technological issues, valuing and visualizing the work of women scientists to create referents and bring young people closer to the model of women scientists through different projects. Thus, young people are offered the opportunity to know their life, trajectory and model to overcome their false beliefs and stereotypes.

Within the framework of the International Day of Women and Girls, Elhuyar has organized various activities. Teknopolis will hold a special weekend on 10-11 February at ETB1 and ETB2. Among other issues, Uzuri Albizu will talk to the UPV researcher about the paradigm shift needed by the world of science and will gather the experiences of women scientists from different generations at BRTA research centers. On the other hand, the Radio programme Norteko Ferrokarrilla of the Basque Country Irratia will talk about this topic at the session on 9 February. Donna Strickland, 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics, will be the main interviewee. She's the third woman who's won this Nobel Prize in history. He managed to perform ultra-fast laser pulses which have subsequently been used as optical forceps in medicine.

On the other hand, for the International Day of Women and the Scientific Girl, Elhuyar joins the 8th edition of Women in Science, for which he collaborates with 31 other entities representative of the science and technology network: Achutector, BCMaterials, Materials Physics Center (CFM CSIC-EHU), CIC biomaGUNE, University of Deusto, UPV Informatics, EHU Kimika, Sociedad de Ciencias Aranzadi, Basque Artifcial Intelligence Center (BAIC), The program of activities organized by all of them can be consulted in www.emakumeakzientzian.eus


In this edition the following scientists will be honoured in the “11 February showcase” initiative:

  • Ana Zubiaga Elordieta (Forua, Bizkaia, 1959). Biologist
  • Angela Saini (London, United Kingdom, 1980). Scientific journalist
  • Brigitte Baptiste (Bogotá, Colombia, 1963). Ecologist
  • Uxue Fernández Lasa (Urretxu, Gipuzkoa, 1984). Researcher in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences.
  • Ana Teresa Diego (Bahía Blanca, Argentina, 1954-1976). Student of astronomy and communist entrepreneur.
  • Mary Anderson (Greene, USA). Inventor and entrepreneur.
  • Miriam Friedman Menkin (Riga, Latvia, 1901-1992). Genetic and embryologist.
  • Elena Ponciano Paino (Durango, Bizkaia, 1980). Superior Technician in Plastic Arts and Intertextile Design. Welding and Calderería Technician.
  • Wangari Maathai (Ihithe, Kenya, 1940-2011). Entrepreneur and politician for the environment.
  • Asakawa de Chie (Osaka, Japan, 1958). Informatics.
  • Gro Harlem Brundtland (Bærum, Norway, 1939). Medical and political.
  • Maia Duguine Haristoy (Hazparne, Lapurdi, 1979). Basque linguist.

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