CAF-ELHUYAR 2023 Awards

2023/06/01 Elhuyar Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

Winners of CAF Elhuyar prizes from left to right: Jon Sánchez Carrasco, Aitor Garmendia Etxeberria, Iñaki Sanz Azkue, Jacinto Iturbe Barrenetxea, Xabier Ganarain Etxaniz, Enok Sudupe Altolagirre, Judith Zu

The CAF-ELHUYAR awards have been presented under the motto “Look Far” in the Sutegi Hall of Usurbil. The objective of the award is the recognition and promotion of works and projects for the dissemination of science and technology with this year’s motto linked to Isaac Newton’s review: “If I have seen it further, it’s because I’ve sat on the giants’ shoulder.”

The participants of the CAF - Elhuyar Awards have strongly joined the motto, as they have looked away from the road. And they've focused especially on two issues: technology and environment. The winners have written:

- General informative article: Judith Zubia Aranburu. “What it does to us, to write what we do.”

- Informative article based on doctoral thesis: Mattin Urbieta Galarraga. “Dancing with electrons to illuminate the nanoscale.”

- Scientific journalism: Iñaki Sanz Azkue. “A little dragon on the lounge wall.”

- NEIKER Prize: Aitor Garmendia Etxeberria.“Aralar, diversity of values and interests in a natural park”.

Creation is a project shared by two parts. One of the projects is “Semiosi-genesi”, by Jon Sánchez Carrasco, and the other, “Almost everything”, by the Kultur Kooperatiba of Azpeitia.

Lastly, Jacinto Iturbe Barrenetxea has deserved the CAF-Ielhuyar.

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