Research service of the C.A.F. Increasing the speed, safety and comfort of trains

1988/08/01 Sarriegi Eskisabel, Andoni Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

In Beasain's CAF Company, SIMAFE (Railway Material Research Service) was founded about 20 years ago, as the German Gimenez Research Engineer tells us, and around 1978 it was named "Research Service" (Research Service). Initially, Germán was not working on this Service, as he tells us, and by the time he entered, he told us that the service was in error. Since then they have investigated the different parts of the train, but especially the cars and their static and dynamic behavior. It must be taken into account that the trains, for the most part, are train boxes that circulate on two four-wheeled cars and that almost all the circulatory mechanics are in the cars, despite receiving the orders of the box. German Gimenez explains this and many more.